I am hungry for change...are you?

we deserve a world where the people feel safe.


My name is Shai Stephenson. And I am an elementary school teacher in the South Bronx.

I am a citizen of the richest, most powerful country on the planet, but every night I go to bed hungry. My hunger is not for food, but another basic need, similarly essential for my life and well being.

My hunger is for the killing to stop. My thirst is for the United States to take its rightful place among other nations that have virtually eradicated mass shootings.

We have all heard the rhetoric, read the statistics, signed the petitions, and lit the candles. But nothing meaningful has been done towards gun reform. More likely than not, before I sit down to dinner with my family tonight another mass shooting will occur. And as I send my students to the cafeteria for lunch tomorrow, another one. More innocent, unsuspecting lives lost, for nothing. Or more accurately, because our elected officials have chosen to ignore their constituents’ basic human need for safety.

The failure of our government to fulfill its duty to its citizens, has led me to compound my hunger. That is why I’m beginning a hunger strike.

Photograph: Demetrius Freeman
The Guardian


The demands are simple:

*Require universal comprehensive background checks
*Ban assault rifles
*Mandate a purchase license
*Institute a federal (10 day) waiting period
*Permit the CDC to research gun violence
*Repeal laws that protect gun manufacturers (& dealers) from liability lawsuits

If you are equally fed up with impotent officials that ignore the demands of the communities they serve while they gorge themselves on donations from the NRA, I implore you to join me.

Are you hungry enough?


-While a hunger strike is inherently dangerous, I do not have a death wish and do not want anyone else to come to harm. Consult your doctor if you are seriously considering fasting.
-If you have other health conditions, are pregnant, nursing or are under 18 please continue to eat normally. There are many other ways you can support this cause.




The following organizations are doing great work and are worthy of a donation:

Moms Demand Action

Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence 

Civil Service

Call your representatives, politicians, attend rallies, etc.


Social Media

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Email: r.u.hungry4change@gmail.com